"Conversations With Leading Women" program
This is an initiative which helps female academic researchers access senior academics visiting AustraliaBelow are just some of our guest conversationalists:
Ask your institution's seminar co-ordinator to invite at least one female international researcher each year and make it a F.E.W. Conversation event.
 Diane Del Guerico
 Karen Mumford 
 Ann Carlos Belinda Gibson Rachel Griffith
 Maureen O'Hara 
 Renee Adams
 Maureen O'Hara
 Deirdre McCloskey
 Laura Starks

The F.E.W. Group Senior Academic Women Mentoring Junior Academic Women Workshop

The goal of this research mentoring workshop is to provide an opportunity for junior female academics to present their work to a panel of senior female researchers from the same fields of research who will provide feedback and discuss both research and professional development aspects of each presentation.  Each year an international guest mentor is invited to the workshop to provide a senior perspective and also an international aspect to the mentoring input.  Past international guest mentors are 2014 Professor Rachel Griffith (University of Manchester) winner of  Birgit Grodal Award given to Europe's leading Female Economists; and Professor Karen Mumford (York University) and Chair of The Royal Economics Society’s Women’s Committee which was established in 1996 to help promote the role of women in the UK economics profession.

Other F.E.W. A
ctivites include:

  • International Women’s Day events
  • Local networking functions
  • “Conversations With our International Guests” program - a visiting guest speaker program targeting female researchers
  • FEW Reception at the FIRN Annual Conference
  • FEW Eminent Visitor Reception
  • Child minding services at the FIRN Conference and Mentoring Workshop

The under-representation of female academics at senior levels in economics and finance is a worldwide phenomenon. In an AER P&P paper, Blau, Currie, Croson and Ginther (2010) show that mentoring of women by women canhelp female academics in economics advance. Formal mentoring programs for female faculty members currently exist in the US, UK, China and Canada.  The US and UK groups, CSWEP (the Committee on the Status of Women Economists in the Profession) and RES (Royal Economic Society Women’s Committee) have for many years run  successful mentoring sessions at key annual meetings. CSWEP was founded in 1971, the RES Women’s Committee was founded in 1996 and the CWEN (Canadian Women Economists Network) was founded in 1990.