FIRN Women Conference, Friday 16 July 2021

Hybrid research workshop with Kai Li + flipped lightning discussant presentation session

This year, the conference will take a different format. The conference will open with a presentation by Professor Li (via zoom), followed by a short interview with FIRN’s VP Women. Session two will be lightning discussant presentations. Presentations will be approximately 10 minutes in duration and papers will be presented by discussants (not authors). Submitting authors therefore commit to presenting a paper written by another author. Session three is a mentoring session where each submitting author will meet with a senior faculty member from a FIRN institution (via zoom) to discuss her paper.

Please click here for more information and details for submission (closing date 31 May 2021).


 FIRN Women Online Seminars

FIRN Women is hosting online seminars presented by female ECRs in a monthly seminar series. The seminars will be via zoom and will be about an hour long, comprising presentation followed by moderated Q&A. 

Next FIRN Women Seminar:

Friday 16 April, 1pm (AEDT)

Thu Phuong Pham, Adelaide
Title:  Stock Price Synchronicity and Stock liquidity: International Evidence
Abstract:  We examine the relationship between stock price synchronicity and stock liquidity using 296,514 firm-year observations across 40 developed and emerging markets over the period 2000-2016. Our local (within-country) empirical results reveal consistent evidence of a positive and significant relationship between local stock price synchronicity and stock liquidity. The strength of this positive relationship depends on the quality of country-level institutions; specifically, the weaker the institutional environment, the stronger the synchronicity-liquidity relationship. Our global (across-country) findings mirror those at the local level. We find consistently strong evidence of a positive relationship between global stock market synchronicity and stock liquidity. We also show that this positive relationship is stronger among countries with relatively weak institutions. Overall, our study is the first to document the synchronicity-liquidity relationship at both the local and global levels using a large international database. In addition, our cross-sectional analyses provide new evidence on the institutional determinants of this relationship. 

Moderator:   Jacquie Humphrey, FIRN Women

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Future Seminars:

Friday 21 May, 11am (AEST)
Jo-Ann Suchard, UNSW
Title:  TBA
Moderator:   Min Zhu, UQ
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Friday 18 June, 1pm (AEST)
Min Zhu,  UQ
Title:  TBA
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Friday 20 August, 1pm (AEST)
Yeejin Yang,  UNSW
Title:  TBA
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Friday 15 October, 1pm (AEST)
Antje Berndt,  ANU
Title:  TBA
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