Asset pricing

The asset pricing research intensive meeting forms part of the Financial Research Network (FIRN) program of topic specific research meetings designed to extend the body of knowledge within a specific research area through the presentation of cutting edge research results and the building of stronger networks.  The meeting program is a 1 day event and has a strong emphasis on building upon existing research being undertaken by Australian based FIRN members.  Program includes a presentation by an internationally renown keynote plus several other paper presentations.  Program papers are selected in a variety of different formats each year depending upon the design of the program.  These meetings are not open to PhD students.

28 October 2019, hosted by University of Melbourne, Department of Finance.

The University of Melbourne and FIRN are hosting the 7th annual Melbourne Asset Pricing Meeting at the University of Melbourne, Australia, on Monday, 28 October 2019. The meeting format will include paper presentations, discussions, a keynote address, and a closing dinner.

We invite researchers to submit unpublished empirical or theoretical papers on all topics in asset pricing and investments. Possible topics include, but are not limited to: theoretical and empirical models of asset prices and returns, return predictability, empirical methodology, macro-finance, the study of financial institutions as related to asset prices, information and liquidity in asset markets, behavioral investment studies, asset market structure and microstructure, risk analysis, hedge funds, mutual funds, pension funds, and alternative investments.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: We are delighted to have Kerry Back (Rice University) as keynote speaker.