FIRN is committed to helping all researchers through a variety of programs. If you have any ideas for ways to improve researcher development please reach out to the executive committee.

Besides the annual conference, PhD courses, masterclasses, research intensive network meetings, promotion of Australian research overseas at the AFA and through the SSRN network,  we also offer a few other programs of support for researchers directly and indirectly.

Young Researcher Workshop

RoZetta (formerly SIRCA) have been big proponents of giving back to the research community, are a founding member of FIRN and have hosted the Young Researcher Workshop (YRW) for many years. FIRN encourages young researchers to take advantage of the opportunity offered by these workshops and is proud to provide expert academic assistance where needed to support this program.


Pitching Research

Deciding which research projects to pursue and having the skill to sell the motivation behind these projects is a crucial part of the development of early career researchers. The Pitching Research initiative by Professor Robert Faff at the University of Queensland has helped many young Australian researchers to develop these critical skills by building upon key areas which places a focus on what is important about a research project and why. This initiative helps researchers to become more effective communicators with a clearer understanding of the purpose of the project and improved project output quality.  FIRN is pleased to support the Pitching Research workshops presented by Robert as part of its researcher development program.

Pitching Research Program