JUNE 2020

4 June                      ECR Workshop: How to get your work published

12 June                      FIRN Virtual Seminar: David Reeb, NUS

19 June                      FIRN Virtual Seminar: Ekaterina Volkova, Melb

24 June                      FIRN Women Catch-up

26 June                      FIRN Virtual Seminar: Zahi Ben-David, Ohio State University

JULY 2020

3 July                      FIRN Virtual Seminar: Zhongyan Zhu, Monash

17 July                      FIRN Virtual Seminar: Zhaoxia Xu, UNSW

13- 16 July                 PhD Course: Research Methods Elective, Macquarie University

24 July                      FIRN Virtual Seminar: Huu Duong, Monash

25-26 July                   PhD Course: Module 1 Empirical Finance, Macquarie University

27 July                    ECR Workshop: Responding to reviewers and dealing with rejection

31 July-1 August          PhD Course: Module 1 Market Microstructure, UTS


7 August                      FIRN Virtual Seminar: Joan Farre-Mensa (University of Illinois)

15-16 August                PhD Course: Module 2 Empirical Finance, Macquarie University 

21 August                     FIRN Virtual Seminar: Min Zhu, UQ

28 August                      FIRN Virtual Seminar: Constantine Yannelis (University of Chicago)


4-5 September             PhD Course: Module 2 Market Microstructure, UTS

18 September              FIRN Virtual Seminar: Shushu Liao, AUT

26-27 September         PhD Course: Module 3 Empirical Finance, Macquarie University


9-10 October                PhD Course: Module 3 Market Microstructure, UTS


3-4 November             Corporate Finance Research Meeting, University of Adelaide