19-22 July

24 July

27 July

30 July

PhD Course: Research Methods (Elective)

PhD Course: Finance Empirical commences

PhD Course: Corporate Finance commences

PhD Course: Behavioural Finance commences


4 August

4 August

6 August

10 August

21-22 August

Banking and Financial Stability Meeting: ANU

FIRN Virtual Seminar: Chishen Wei, Singapore Management University

PhD Course: Market Microstructure commences

PhD Brown Bag Seminar: Zijin Xu (Vivian), University of Melbourne

PhD Workshop: Analytical Methods


2 September

6 September

17 September

22 September

Fireside Chat with Journal Editors: Jarrad Harford and Mara Faccio (JFQA)

FIRN Women Workshop: Gender Disparity in Academia

FIRN Virtual Seminars: Gaoping Zheng, RMIT

Fireside Chat with Journal Editors: Marcin Kacperczyk, Review of Finance


15 October

18 October

26 October

FIRN Virtual Seminars: Antje Berndt, ANU

Fireside Chat with Journal Editors – Bruno Biais, Management Science

Asset Pricing Meeting – Melbourne


3 November

11-12 November

16 November

17-19 November

PhD Masterclass – Asset Pricing commences

Corporate Finance Research Meeting – Adelaide

PhD Symposium – Hamilton Island, Qld

FIRN Conference – Hamilton Island, Qld