Event Submissions Due Event Dates
FIRN(Women) Annual Conference, Melbourne (in-person) 19 May          14 June        
UQ Asset Management Meeting, Brisbane (in-person) 15 May          20-21 July     
Masterclass: The Economics of the Asset and Wealth Management Industries with Richard Evans (in-person) 10 July 24 July ongoing
ANU Banking and Financial Stability Meeting in Canberra (in-person) 8 July          18-19 September
FIRN Early Career Researchers (ECR) Workshop Berger’s Free Research & Career Management Tips 8 July          19 September
Asset Pricing Meeting, Melbourne (in-person) 31 May          23 October     
Masterclass: Finance, Intellectual Property (IP), and Sustainability with Po-Hsuan Hsu (in-person) 9 October 23 October ongoing
Corporate Finance Meeting, Adelaide (in-person) 30 June        26-27 October 
FIRN Annual Conference & PhD Symposium, Hobart (in-person) 1 May 21-24 November 
Sydney Market Microstructure Meeting, Sydney (in-person) 15 August 6-8 December
PhD Courses Registration Closing Date Course Commencement
PhD course: Research Methods (elective) with Martina Linnenlueck & Tom Smith (online) 3 July 17 July
PhD course: Empirical Finance with Tom Smith (online) 8 July 22 July 
PhD course: Intermediate Econometrics with Daniel Smith (online) 10 July 24 July 
PhD course: Corporate Finance Theory with Kentaro Asai (online) 18 July 25 July 
PhD course: Behavioural Finance with Chris Veld & Joshua Shemesh (hybrid) 11 July 25 July
PhD course: Market Microstructure and Decentralised Finance with Talis Putnins (hybrid) 28 July 11 August