Directory of Senior Women in Finance

Asset Pricing

Antje Berndt
Asset pricing and financial institutions.

Christine Helliar
Funds management, socially responsible investing and Islamic finance.

Consumer Finance

Roslyn Russell
Financial literacy, capabilities and inclusion.

Susan Thorp
Household and consumer finance, retirement savings and behavioural finance.

Capital Markets

Carole Comerton-Forde
Liquidity, fragmentation, high frequency trading and dark pools.

Deborah Ralston
Impact of financial regulation, financial institutions and regional economic development.

Kathy Walsh
Chinese capital markets.

Meijun Qian
Financial systems, corporate governance, financial issues in China and India and asset management.

Nadia Massoud
Financial intermediaries, blockchain and digital currencies.

Corporate Finance

Christine Brown
Capital management, share repurchases, buybacks, infrastructure financing, imputation tax and institutional ownership.

Janice How
Capital raising (IPOs and SEOs), corporate governance, ownership structure and political connections.

Millie Chang
Insider trading and corporate disclosure.

Yulia Veld-Merkoulova
Corporate finance, household finance and behavioural finance.