Fireside Chats with Journal Editors

FIRN on behalf of and in collaboration with colleagues in HKU, HKUST, NUS and NTU organise a series of fireside chats (via zoom) with 
journal editors to help demystify the finance publishing process.  

The next Fireside chat is:

Monday 18 October 6pm (AEDT) – Bruno Biais (Management Science)
Moderators: Elvira Sojli (UNSW) and Yan Xiong (HKUST)

The format will be the same as previous chats, but this chat will be 1 hour. We will have 40-45 minutes pre-arranged questions and a Q&A. We will take questions as we go that clarify or expand on the questions being asked. Please place any questions you would like to ask ahead of time here.
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This chat is open to all FIRN members.

Videos of prior fireside chats are shown below

Marcin Kacperczyk was interviewed by Jacquelyn Humphrey (UQ) and Yupana Wiwattanakantang (NUS) on Wednesday 22 September.

Jarrad Harford and Mara Faccio (JFQA) were interviewed by Angie Low (NTU) and Jing Xu (UTS) on Thursday 2 September.

Toni Whited of University of Michigan was interviewed by Elvira Sojli, FIRN President-Elect/UNSW and Eliza Wu, University of Sydney on 13 May.

Stefan Nagel, Chicago Booth was interviewed by Andrea Lu, University of Melbourne and Dunhong Jin, University of Hong Kong on 4 June.

Itay Goldstein, University of Pennsylvania was interviewed by Chelsea Liu, University of Adelaide and Tianyue Ruan, National University of Singapore on 16 June.