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Announcing the 2015 program of National PhD Courses
Hedge Funds
Presented by:
Professor Jens Jackwerth
University of Sydney
Module 1 March 14-15
Module 2 March 28-29
Module 3 April 18-19

Corporte Finance Masterclass
with emphasis on the interaction between finance and industrial organisation
Presented by:
Professor Gordon Phillips
Monash - 22-26 June

Behavioral Finance
Presented by:
Professor Douglas Foster
University of Sydney
Module 1
August 8-9
Module 2 September 19-20     Module 3 October 17-18

Asset Pricing Masterclass
with emphasis on Market Microstructure
Presented by:
Professor Marco Pagano
Macquarie - 28/9 - 2/10

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Happy New Year and welcome to 2015

This year is shaping up to be another major program of research and education activities and networking events for FIRN members. 

Education Portfolio
Our 2015 program of endorsed National PhD courses was recently circulated to members.  Some key changes to this year's program include changes to our Masterclass which is now divided into two full PhD courses plus the introduction of a brand new course on Hedge Funds. 

Each Masterclass will still  focus on topics within the disciplines of Corporate Finance and Asset Pricing, but each course syllabus and the total contact hours, have been increased to meet Australian PhD coursework requirements. 

Our Masterclass international guest presenters this year are Gordon Phillips, Professor of Finance at the Univeristy of Southern California and Marco Pagano, Professor of Finance at University of Naples Federico II, Italy.  Marco is a past supporter of FIRN as he was the keynote speaker at the 2013 Corporate Finance Research Group meeting.

In addition to changes to the FIRN Masterclass this year we are offering a new elective course specialising in Hedge Funds.  FIRN welcomes Jens Jackwerth a visiting Professor at The University of Sydney who has generously offered his time to present his PhD course in Hedge Funds whilst in Australia. Thanks to funding support from The University of Sydney this course is offered free of course fees to FIRN members. 

Stay tuned for further updates about other new FIRN higher eduction initiatives which are in the pipeline.

Research Development Portfolio
On the research front FIRN is hosting three (3) research group meetings this year plus the annual FIRN conference and the mentoring workshop for female researchers in finance and economics.  Research events are open to FIRN academic staff only and not doctorial students unless invited.

2015 program of research events are the:
Newly created Banking & Stability Research Group meeting which is tentatively scheduled for 27-28 August at ANU and convened by Phong Ngo.

Corporate Finance Research Group meeting which is tentatively scheduled for 11-12 May at UNSW and convened by Renee Adams.

Asset Pricing Research Group meeting which will have a new convenor this year with dates yet to be announced.

FIRN Annual Conference scheduled for 12-15 November at the Great Barrier Reef, North Queensland either Palm Cove or Port Douglas!

Academic Women's Development Portfolio - "The F.E.W."
Once again FIRN is honoured to support a number of initiatives specifically targetted towards helping female academics develop their careers in finance researchThe F.E.W. Group will again be hosting a series of networking events as part of International Women's Day celebrations.  These events will be scheduled across the month of March in several major cities including Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.  More details about these networking events will be issued shortly.

The F.E.W. Group Women Mentoring Women Workshop will again be offered this year but a new format is being designed to enable a greater number of submissions to be accepted and more mentoring opportunities to be made available.  Please check FIRN newsletters for more details.

Calendar of Events

Feb 9-13
  • F.E.W. Group International Womens Day Networking Events Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane

March 13

March 14-15

  • Module 1 of 3 on Hedge Funds
    Presented by Jens Jackwerth (University of Konstanz, Germany) @ University of Sydney
March 28-29
  • Module 2 of 3 on Hedge Funds
    Presented by Jens Jackwerth (University of Konstanz, Germany) @ University of Sydney
April 18-19
  • Module 3 of 3 on Hedge Funds
    Presented by Jens Jackwerth (University of Konstanz, Germany) @ University of Sydney
May 11-12
  • Corporate Finance Research Group meeting @ UNSW
June 15-19
  • FIRN Corporate Finance Masterclass: 
    presented by Gordon Phillips (University of Southern California) @ Monash
August 26-27
  • Banking & Stability Research Group meeting @ ANU
Sept 28 - Oct 2
  • FIRN Asset Pricing Masterclass: Market Microstructure presented by Marco Pagano (University of Naples Federico II) @ Macquarie 
Nov 12-15
  • FIRN Annual Conference Great Barrier Reef, North Queensland