Calling all FIRN Members to help fight stereotyping of women

Just weeks after Google launched a $50million program to help address barriers to girls getting involved in science, technology, engineering and maths; and despite evidence that stereotypes and cultural biases still impede women’s success in these disciplines…the sanitary napkin producer Libra has rolled out a new advertising campaign stereotyping women in a manner that is completely opposite to what such initiatives are aiming to achieve.

Libra’s new advertising slogan “….absorbing more than you ever did in maths”… brings to the attention the need for vigilance in our efforts to eliminate stereotyping.  As members of the F.E.W. we are women who can do math, and we are role-models for young women, thus our efforts to protest against such stereotypes can only help raise the barriers that contribute to the relative underrepresentation of women in our professions of finance and economics.  There is no biological difference between women and men in their ability to do math. The literature clearly identifies negative stereotyping as one of the important reasons why girls may underperform in math and this type of advertising reinforces this stereotyping.  All FIRN members are asked to sign the petition at which calls on Libra to stop this continued stereotype portrayal of women in a manner that is unacceptable.

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Newly endorsed PhD courses for 2015
Hedge Funds
Presented by Jens Jackworth at University of Sydney. 

Module 1 March 14-15
Module 2 March 28-29
Module 3 April 18-19

Market Microstructure
Presented by David Michayluk and Talis Putnins at UTS.

Module 1 August 22-23
Module 2 September 12-13
Module 3 October 17-18

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Conference Announcements
* $1,000 Best Conference Paper Prize sponsored by IJMF
* $10,000 Best Policy Paper Prize sponsored by FIRN
* New International Program Committee
* Top three Policy Pirze papers  to receive a written referee report from a member of the international program committee

ILR Review 
Call for Papers

Submissions by 1 Feb, 2015

Asset Pricing Research Group Meeting - Melbourne
29-30 September, 2014
The Asset Pricing Group welcomes eminent researcher Wayne Ferson (University of Southern California) as the 2014 keynote presenter. The meeting program will trial a unique format featuring new research by four (4) of today’s leading young researchers including: Christian Heyerdahl-Larsen (London Business School); Haoxiang Xhu (MIT) and Tim McQuade (Stanford) and Bradyn Breon-Drish (Stanford).  Meeting applications closed.

    "The Art of Finance"
Annual Conference - Lake Crackenback, NSW Snowy Mountains
      13-16 November, 2014
      • Best Paper Prize $1,000 sponsored by IJMF
      • Best Policy Research Paper Prize $10,000 sponsored by FIRN
      • New Eminent International Program Committee
      • Top three (3)* papers submitted to the Policy Prize category will receive for the first time a written referee report by the international program committee *this number may change depending upon submissions  

ILR Review - Call for Papers
Special Issue and Conference on Reducing Inequality in Organizations:

What Works? What Doesn’t?

The ILR Review is calling for papers for a conference and a subsequent special issue devoted to identifying and developing organizational practices and processes that affect workplace inequality, diversity, and inclusion. We seek innovative research that will advance our understanding of the organizational arrangements that help to reduce the effects of bias and to promote diverse and inclusive workplaces. Emilio J. Castilla (MIT) and Pamela S. Tolbert (ILR, Cornell) will be the guest editors of the issue.

Scholars interested in participating should submit a detailed abstract to the ILR Review by February 1, 2015. The abstract should be no more than five pages in length (double-spaced, font size 12) and contain a brief theoretical discussion of the problem studied, along with a description of data, methods, and key findings. Authors whose abstracts are accepted will be invited to provide and present completed papers at a conference in New York City in late June 2015. Papers should be ready to be submitted for peer review. Based on initial reviewers’ recommendations, discussions at the conference, and fit with the issue, a subset of authors will be asked to undertake revisions with the expectation that their papers will be published in a special issue of the Review. Papers that reviewers deem of good quality but are not selected for the special issue will be considered for publication in a regular issue of the journal.

To submit your abstract for consideration, please e-mail a copy to by February 1, 2015, and put “what works abstract” in the subject line.

Market Microstructure course Newly endorsed FIRN National PhD Program approved course

Presented by Professor David Michayluk and Dr Talis Putnins at University of Technology, Sydney during 2nd semester, 2014.

Course forms part of the FIRN National PhD Program and is open to all PhD students and academic staff from FIRN member and invited institutions.  Please email the FIRN Executive Officer ( indicating your intention to participate in this course and providing a copy of your PhD Supervisors or PhD Coordinators approval.

  • Module 1 Friday/Saturday August 22 and 23
  • Module 2 Friday/Saturday September 12 and 13
  • Module 3 Friday/Saturday October 17 and 18
Click here for more course details.

Empirical Finance course
FIRN National PhD Program approved course
Presented by Professor Tom Smith will again present these two courses at The University of Queensland Business School during 2014.  Courses form part of the FIRN National PhD Program and are open to all PhD students and academic staff from FIRN member institutions.  PhD students may obtain credit for these courses as part of their PhD coursework program.

  • Module 1 Saturday/Sunday 26th - 27th July
  • Module 2 Saurdayt/Sunday 30th - 31st Aug
  • Module 3 Saturday/Sunday 27th - 28th September

Click here for more course details.

Calendar of Events

September 12th-13th

  • Market Microstructure course - Module 2
    UTS, Sydney

September 27th-28th

  • Empirical Finance course - Module 3
    UQBS, Brisbane

October 17th-18th

  • Market Microstructure course - Module 3
    UTS, Sydney

October 29th-30th

  • Asset Pricing Group research meeting University of Melbourne

November 13th-16th

  • FIRN Conference
    Summer in the Snowies Lake Crackenback Resort, NSW Snowy Mountains.
November 27th -29th
  • Accounting & Finance Research Forum
    hosted by UWA & UQ
    UWA, Perth


  • FEW Eminent Visitor Presentation and Christmas Cocktails

Calendar of Events

January 3

  • FIRN Australian Fine Wine Reception at AFA Boston, Westin Hotel (by invitation)
  • F.E.W. Group International Womens Day Events Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane

March 14-15

  • Empirical Asset Pricing: Hedge Funds course presented by Jens Jackworth (University of Konstanz, Germany) University of Sydney Module 1 of 3
March 28-29
  • Empirical Asset Pricing: Hedge Funds course presented by Jens Jackworth (University of Konstanz, Germany) University of Sydney Module 2 of 3
April 18-19
  • Empirical Asset Pricing: Hedge Funds PhD course presented by Jens Jackworth (University of Konstanz, Germany) University of Sydney Module 3 of 3
June 15-19
  • FIRN Corporate Finance Masterclass: Topic TBC
    presented by Gordon Phillips (University of Southern California)

Sept 28 - Oct 2
FIRN Asset Pricing Masterclass: Topic  Market Microstructure presented by Marco Pagano (University of Naples Federico II)
Madonna Stevenson,
8 May 2014 00:14