Welcome to 2016

FIRN has another full program of research meetings, conferences and PhD events lined up again - refer to the calendar below for details.  Following the stepping down of  Renee Adams as FIRN Director at the end of 2015 the new year sees the appointment of our new Director, Professor Dave Michayluk (UTS) taking the lead with fresh ideas. The development of our Portfolio areas continues with PhD Education led by Deputy Director Spencer Martin (University of Melbourne); FEW led by Deputy Director Kathy Walsh (ANU); and Engagement to be led by a newly appointed Deputy Director.  Call for Applications to this position will be issued shortly.

FIRN once again hosted the Australian Fine Wine reception at the AFA-ASSA meetings in the USA.  San Francisco was this year's location and the FIRN reception  was once again one of the stand out events on the program with over 150 guests and staff attending the night.

FIRN has three (3) major events coming up in March/April - the inaugural Market Microstructure research meeting to be held at UTS 7-8 April and convened by Talis Putnins and Dave Michayluk with presentations by Christian Westheide (University of Mannheim), Bei Cui (University of Hong Kong), Katya Malinova (University of Toronto), Austin Gerig (USA SEC), Peter Haslag (Washington University), Petko Kalev (UniSA) and Hui Zheng (University of Sydney); the Masterclass in Corporate Finance Theory presented by Ron Giammarino (UBC) at UNSW 29 March - 1 April; and the FEW Workshop for Early Career Women in Research at UTS 29 March with keynote presenter Maureen O'Hara.

Research Meetings

7-8 April                Market Microstructure research meeting @ UTS

15-16 August        Banking & Stability research meeting @ ANU

24-26 October       Asset Pricing research meeting @ MELBOURNE

10-13 November    FIRN Conference @ SOUTH AUSTRALIA

Please note the Corporate Finance research meeting date & venue is yet to be confirmed

PhD Program

29 March - 1 April    Masterclass in Corporate Finance Theory
                              presented by Ron Giammarino (UBC) @ UNSW

4-7 July                   Masterclass in Empirical Finance
                              presented by Laura Lindsey (Arizona) @ QUT

18-22 July               Banking & Financial Stability course
                              presented by Iftekhar Hasan (Fordham NY) @ SYDNEY

4-5 August              Market Microstructure course Module 1 @ UTS
10-11 September     Market Microstructure course Module 2 @ UTS
14-15 October         Market Microstructure course Module 3 @ UTS
                              presented by Talis Putnins (UTS)

F.E.W. Events

18 March          Presentation by Dr Shuping Shi at Macquarie Risk Day conference followed by                            FEW reception @ Swissotel, SYDNEY.  FIRN members can register for the                                 conference and/or reception for free. Click here for more information

29 March           Women as Early Career Researchers workshop
                         with keynote Maureen O'Hara @ UTS