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g 2014 Survey Prize Entry winners are:
Paul Karehnke (UNSW) and Petko Kalev (UNISA)
both winners received a free conference registration to the 2015 FIRN Conference.               

Initial Survey Results

It gives me great pleasure in providing you with the initial results from the first FIRN survey. More results will follow in the next editions of the FIRN newsletter and
final results will be compiled into a report. The purpose of the survey was to gain an understanding of what the finance community in Australia looked like.
This information will help FIRN tailor its offerings to its members. This information may also be useful for FIRN’s member universities when they benchmark themselves.
Unlike other professional organizations, FIRN does not collect member information in other ways thus this survey represents FIRN’s first attempt to gather
information about its members and I would like to thank everyone who participated. As it is survey data, there are clearly some biases.
The findings illustrate how diverse the FIRN community is and also suggests that the F.E.W. initiative may serve a useful role.

The next version of the newsletter will provide survey results on impediments to research, work-life balance and some indication of the role of FIRN. Please stay tuned!
Professor of Finance UNSW
FIRN Director

Figure 1:                                                                    
Respondents are geographically diverse with most respondents coming from NSW is consistent with the fact that most member universities are based in this State

Figure 5:
FIRN respondents were pretty balanced across all academic levels

Figure 2:
Survey respondents were almost equally balanced across G8 and non-G8 universities (Figure 2). Most FIRN institutions are not in the G8. But it is possible that non-G8 universities have smaller departments.
Figure 6:

FIRN members obtained their highest degrees in many places Australian degrees dominate, followed by US and Canada, Europe and UK and then Asia.
Figure 3:
Consistent with the general impression that there are relatively few women in finance, fewer respondents were female

Figure 7:

Reflecting the trend towards hiring globally, most diversity occurs in the younger age groups and
Figure 4:
There is a fair amount of age diversity among respondents.

Figure 8:

the senior lecturer category

Figure 9:
This suggests FIRN’s F.E.W. group may serve a useful role. At every level fewer women are represented than men
Figure 10:
The underrepresentation of women is worse at the senior levels.
Figure 11:
This problem is worse in the G8 universities
Figure 12:
At every level men are more likely to receive salary supplementation than women.

Research Events & Speakers

17       August @ ANU
Banking & Stability Research Group meeting
Keynote Speaker: Professor Mark Flannery, Bank of America Eminent Scholar Chair, University of Florida

28-29  October @ MELBOURNE
Asset Pricing Research Group meeting
Keynote Speaker: Professor Jean Helwege, J. Henry Fellers Professorship of Business Administration, Darla Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina.

12-15  November @ PALM COVE
Annual “Art of Finance” Conference
Location: Hotel Grand Chancellor Resort & Spa, Palm Cove NQ

PhD Courses and Presenters

22-26  June @ MONASH
Corporate Finance Masterclass
Guest Presenter: Professor Gordon Phillips,University of Southern California, USA

8-11    July @ UTAS
High Frequency Empirical Research Methods course
Guest Presenter: Professor Mardi Dungey, University of Tasmania

8-9      August      Module 1 @ SYDNEY
19-20  September Module 2
17-18  October     Module 3
Behavioral Finance
Guest Presenter: Professor Douglas Foster, University of Sydney

28      Sept – 2 October @ MACQUARIE
Market Microstructure Masterclass
Guest Presenter: Professor Marco Pagano,University of Naples Federico II, Italy

The F.E.W. Group

The Senior Women Mentoring Junior Women Researcher workshop will be in 2016 in a new format. A greater number of mentoring opportunities are being opened to encourage more female researchers to submit papers.  Please check the FIRN website and newsletters regularly for final details.