2021 Banking and Financial Stability Meeting

Wednesday 4 August 2021

Virtual Conference via Zoom hosted by ANU

The Banking and Financial Stability Meeting receives submissions of empirical and theoretical papers spanning the fields of finance, economics, accounting and politics that touch on the broad theme of Banking and Financial Stability. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to: Bank risk taking incentives; bank competition; bank ownership; governance, systemic risk and financial regulation; political economy of regulation; government intervention in financial markets; coordination failures, self-fulfilling beliefs, and runs; financial institutions, networks, and contagion; credit markets; household finance; and information disclosure, market discipline; financial crises and fragility on firms’ financing and investment policies; FinTech and implications for stability; and the impact of Covid-19 on banks and financial fragility.

The principal objectives of the meeting are to stimulate policy relevant research in economic science and to generate greater understanding by academic economists of practitioner’s environments and vice versa.

Conference Program

8:50am-9:00am Welcome

Session 1

9:00am-9:35am: Title: Adverse Selection Dynamics in Privately-Produced Safe Debt Markets
Presenter: Stéphane Verani, Federal Reserve Board. Discussant: Kentaro Asai, ANU

9:35am-10:10am Title: Monetary Policy and the Cross-Section of Stock Returns in a Market with Frictions
Presenter: Xiaoyang Li, Deakin U. Discussant: Angel Zhong, RMIT

10:10am-10:45am Title: Who Lends Before Banking Crises? Evidence from the International Syndicated Loan Market
Presenter: Yeejin Jang, UNSW. Discussant: Diego Puente, UTS

Session 2

11:00am-11:35am Title: The Strategic Use of Corporate Philanthropy: Evidence from Bank Donations
Presenter: Seungho Choi, QUT. Discussant: Ying Liang, Monash U.

11:35am-12:10pm Title: CEO Pay Gap and Bank Risk-Taking
Presenter: Shams Pathan, Curtin U. Discussant: Keke Song, MBS

12:10pm-12:45pm Title: Banks’ Investment in FinTech Ventures
Presenter: Mike Mao, Deakin U. Discussant: Jason Zein, UNSW

Session 3

2:00pm-2:35am Title: Search Disruption During the Pandemic
Presenter: Isaac (Guangqian) Pan, U. Sydney. Discussant: Silvio Contessi, Monash U.

2:35pm-3:10pm Title: Zoom towns: Housing Market Spillovers and Covid-19
Presenter: Danika Wright, U. Sydney. Discussant: Adrian Lee, Deakin U.

3:10pm-3:45pm Title: Banking Efficiency Matters: Evidence from the Covid-19 Pandemic
Presenter: Ruchith Dissanayake, QUT. Discussant: Thomas Matthys, UTS

Session 4 Keynote Address

4:00pm-5:00pm Title: Hedging Uncertainty?
Presenter: Paolo Fulghieri, UNC Chapel-Hill

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For more information please contact Program Chair: Phong Ngo

The banking and financial stability research intensive meeting was introduced onto the FIRN program in 2015. 

Due to its popularity, particularly with policymakers and industry, it now forms part of FIRN’s annual program of intensive research meetings.  These meetings are designed to extend the body of knowledge within a specific research area via the presentation of cutting edge research from international guests and the building of stronger research networks across academia and industry. 

The meeting format is generally held over 1 or 2 days and has a strong emphasis on building upon quality research particularly policy influencing research. The program includes a keynote presentation by an internationally renowned researcher plus several paper presentations and discussions by FIRN members selected via a call for papers. These meetings are not open to PhD students.